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Panagia's Tears Prayer Rope (Tears of Theotokos/Tears of the Mother of God)

According to the tradition, the plant called "Panagia's Tears" ("The Tears of the Mother of God") took its name from the monks living in the Skete of Saint Anne in Mount Athos, after the following event occurred: A pious Elder living in the Cell of the Holy Great-martyr and Healer Panteleimon, just above the Skete, being sad of his inability to tie a wool prayer rope, received the miraculous visit of the Most Holy Mother of God, which strengthened his weakened soul with her holy presence and gave him a few seeds of this plant, saying to him, “My child, take these seeds, cultivate them, and make prayer ropes with which men may say the prayer of the heart.”This special prayer rope has a symbolism that makes it unique in the Christian world. The plant that produces the seeds used for the handcraft of these prayer ropes, is said to have sprouted in a miraculous way from the earth on which the tears of the Mother of God fell at the time of the crucifixion of her beloved Son.


Prayer rope bracelet made from Panagia's Tears seeds. This is their natural color (silver white), as the plant produces seeds in various colors.

Inside circumference: 5.90 in / 15 cm (small), 6.69 in / 17 cm (medium), 7.48 in / 19 cm (large).

Inside diameter: 1.77 in / 4.5 cm (small), 1.89 in / 4.8 cm (medium), 2 in / 5.1 cm (large).

Silver White
Silver White (with black beads)
Milky Coffee (with colored beads)
Milky Coffee


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